Monday, January 10, 2011

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Analyst: Get ready for all-in-one app stores..

Amid launch of various PC app stores to complement mobile counterparts, Springboard Research analyst believes a one-stop app shop for consumers, regardless of device type, will emerge in near future.
1 hour 17 minutes ago in Communications by Kevin KwangComment

China's US$90B ups cyberwar stakes..

Rumor of country's cyber military muscle reignited after Australian intelligence agencies report China's defense spending to be double the US$45 million figure publicly announced by Beijing.
8 hours 2 minutes ago in Security by Darren Pauli

Mobile advertising faces tough reception..

Returns on mobile advertising will be smaller than PC advertising as revenues are limited by small screens and low online usage, according to a report.
8 hours 10 minutes ago in Communications by Tim Ferguson

Hotmail's recent message loss hiccup explained

A nasty service hiccup that left Hotmail users with no in-boxes or folders earlier this week has been attributed to a routine testing script gone awry.
8 hours 17 minutes ago in Internet by Josh Lowensohn

Alt media player VLC cut from Apple App Store..

Popular cross-platform media player gets yanked from the App Store--at the request of the software's original developer.
8 hours 28 minutes ago in Software by Edward Moyer

DOJ sends order to Twitter for Wikileaks-related account info..

U.S. judge tells Twitter to cough up info on accounts including Icelandic politician and Tor programmer, who have 10 days to fight request that arose as part of Wikileaks criminal probe.
8 hours 35 minutes ago in Internet by Declan McCullagh

Facebook will have to open up the books..

Facebook is reportedly acknowledging that it will surpass 500 individual shareholders this year--which would require the company to open up its financial information by April 2012.
8 hours 37 minutes ago in Internet by Caroline McCarthy

Piracy possibility emerges with Mac App Store..

A hack lets some software originally from the Mac App Store.. run even if it wasn't purchased--but the problem seems to be more with the software than the store.
8 hours 49 minutes ago in Software by Stephen Shankland

Amazon revamps cloud support..

Amazon Web Services has broadened its premium support products to encompass individual developers and enterprises, while cutting prices for its Silver and Gold support packages.
9 hours 5 minutes ago in Internet by Jack Clark

Apple doesn't want to reveal CEO succession plans..

Apple is recommending to shareholders that they vote against a proposal that would force the company to reveal succession plans for Steve Jobs.


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